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Pet Grooming in Lincoln

With over 20 years combined experience, our professional groomers are sure to recognize exactly what kind of pet grooming your furry friend needs. Tell us what you want or entrust us with our recommendations, we're here to make your companion look and feel their best!
Our pricing is determined by breed, size of dog, hair coat and type of haircut being done. 
We go by humanity before vanity to ensure that it is the safest for the pet.
Dog being goormed in a pet barbershop

Dog-gone Great Grooming 

We cater every canine breed's needs, from to long-haired and double-coated breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Shih Tzu, Golden Doodles, Schnauzer, Maltese, to our shorter-haired furry friends. Our process begins with dead-hair removal and then a relaxing wash using specially formulated shampoos to a warm blow-dry and gentle brush through. We'll treat Fido's coat to prevent future matting and finish with a deodorizing coat spray and give you tips on how to keep it in pristine condition. From ear cleaning and teeth brushing, to trimming pawdicures, we know just how to pamper your pooch. 

Purr-fect Pampering 

Sometimes our feline friends aren't the most enthusiastic when it comes to a nail-trim or bath time. Fortunately, our professionals at Four Paws know all the tricks of the trade to provide a stress-free and calming experience for your beloved cat. From gently applying soothing body wash for a simple good bath, or delicately trimming Sheba's delicate nails, to sculpting Walter's fur for that Lion-Cut he hasn't stopped purring about, our professionals ensure a service that will leave your cat purring for their next pampering.

Kennel-free, Friendly Atmosphere 

We pride ourselves on our friendly barbershop atmosphere, and we're delighted to let our dogs play and interact socially, outside of kennels, under our supervision of course. This creates a very friendly, sometimes funny and sociable environment. But of course, should you or your pet have any specific needs or concerns, we are happy to accommodate them in their own secure waiting place.
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